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Imperial Plus | Urban Smart Hotel

The Imperial Plus | Urban Smart Hotel is a modern luxury 4-star hotel always aiming to be one step ahead of the developments, offering the ultimate accommodation experience, starting from the increasingly high demands of a modern guest. In the center of Thessaloniki, close to the most important attractions and points of interest of the city, it offers from 2019 a unique smart hospitality experience with 103 rooms and suites, which upgrade the level of accommodation.

Imperial Palace | Classical Hotel

Since 2001, the Imperial Palace | Classical Hotel has been a neoclassical gem – a reference point in the center of Thessaloniki. The highly curated, stately decoration of the hotel in Victorian style, harmoniously complements the cosmopolitan air and timeless culture that characterize the city as the leading commercial center of the Balkans, creating a special atmosphere of rest and relaxation.

Imperial Port | Convention Club

Modern, luxurious and extremely comfortable event venue with swimming pool, designed to host unique events. A flexible environment with indoor and outdoor rooms, a terrace and a hospitality area. It has high standard facilities, excellent technical support, equipped with indoor and outdoor amenities and ensures the most amazing event possibilities. Exciting moments in Thessaloniki start from the Imperial Port | Convention Club.


Imperial Hospitality offers high-level modern hospitality and event organization services in Thessaloniki. Discover the unique accommodation experience of the 4-star Imperial Plus | Urban Smart Hotel & Imperial Palace | Classical Hotel, as well as the Imperial Port | Convention Club, the largest space for receptions and events in the Balkan region.

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