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Fashion Show Venue Thessaloniki
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Fashion Show Venue with Imperial Elegance

Fashion show venue designed for unforgettable memories. Join us for a spectacular celebration of fashion, creativity, and glamour Fashion Shows at Imperial Port | Convention Club. Step into a world where runway meets trendsetting, and where every step is a statement. Prepare to be captivated by an evening of sheer elegance and sophistication. The Imperial Port | Convention Club transforms into a haven of fashion style, where luxury and show converge for a night that promises to be etched in the annals of glamour. The celebration doesn’t end on the runway. Join us for an exclusive afterparty, where the night comes alive with music, dance, and the thrill of being part of a fashion-forward community.


Fashion Extravaganza

Experience the latest trends from top designers as models showcase an array of stunning outfits that push the boundaries of style. From haute couture to street chic, our fashion show is a celebration of diversity and innovation.

Emerging Designers

Discover the future of fashion with our spotlight on emerging designers. Witness the fresh perspectives and groundbreaking designs that are set to redefine the industry. Be the first to witness the next big thing in the world of fashion.

Celebrity Guests

Rub shoulders with industry insiders, fashion influencers, and A-list celebrities who will grace our event. Join us in celebrating the synergy between fashion and fame as we create unforgettable moments on and off the runway.

Interactive Experiences

Immerse yourself in the world of fashion through interactive experiences. From style consultations to live demos, our event offers a unique opportunity to engage with the fashion community and enhance your personal style.

The Catwalk Experience

Prepare to be mesmerized as the models grace the runway, showcasing the epitome of style and grace. The catwalk at Fashion Show is where fashion fantasies come to life, and every step tells a story.

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Fashion Show Imperial Port
Fashion event Venue Thessaloniki
Fashion Show Venue Thessaloniki
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The architecture of Imperial Port | Convention Club is inspired by Miami and Dubai with a minimal and industrial aesthetic.
Imperial Port | Convention Club

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26 Oktovriou Str. 59, Thessaloniki

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