Modern luxurious venue with a pool lounge
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The largest & most spacious conference area in Salonica city

Events Venue & More

Events venue with modern, luxurious amenities and an incredible pool lounge area is waiting to offer unforgettable moments to all the guests. A multi-functional two-floor hall with high-end facilities, excellent tech support, and equipped with the interior and exterior deluxe amenities that can offer amazing capabilities and ensure exciting moments you will never forget.

Step into a world of modern luxury and unparalleled spaciousness at our exquisite venue, designed to host your most special events. Our multi-functional two-floor hall exudes sophistication and elegance, providing the perfect backdrop for memorable gatherings.

Featuring a stunning pool lounge area, our venue offers a unique blend of relaxation and refinement, setting the stage for unforgettable moments. Equipped with high-end facilities and supported by excellent tech assistance, we ensure seamless event execution from start to finish.

Indulge in the deluxe amenities of both the interior and exterior spaces, offering limitless possibilities and ensuring that your event surpasses all expectations. Whether you’re hosting a corporate function, a lavish celebration, or an intimate gathering, our venue promises to create exciting moments that will be etched in your memory forever.

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Luxurious Venue with Pool Lounge
Luxurious Venue with Pool Lounge

Presentation Shows

Host a remarkable business event or presentation show that can change things in your industry. Take the advantage of the capabilities of our venue and stand out from the competition.

Social Events

Looking forward to any social event or a flawless reception with unparalleled style? The multi-functional venue of Imperial Port is surprisingly versatile and equipped with high-end facilities to let you host any remarkable event and impress your guests.

Bachelor Party

One of the most important dates on the calendar before your wedding. Live it with style and have fun! Discover the incredibly spacious and elegant accommodation & bachelor party options by Imperial Port, and create the most memorable, elegant, and entertaining experience with your squad you deserve.


Summertime passion is on the rooftop of Imperial Port Convention Center. The best way to let the vibes of summer conquer your event. The veranda lounge decoration, our exceptional services, and the beautiful port & city view will capture your heartbeat.

Plan your event?

Do you plan something viral? A special event, or an unforgettable party? Whatever the occasion, Imperial Port Convention Center keeps all the capabilities for an elegant, amazing, and unique event! Get in touch with our team to start planning together your big day!

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Luxurious Venue with Pool Lounge
Imperial Port | Imperial Hospitality | Thessaloniki
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