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Eleagnos Rooftop | Sky Yard
Roof Garden in Thessaloniki
A lounge spot on the rooftop of Imperial Plus | Urban Smart Hotel, overlooking the sights of Thessaloniki

Roof Garden in Thessaloniki

Its name is inspired by the special, evergreen bush, Elaeagnus ebbingei, which is also a special detail in the decoration of the roof, which will captivate you. It is located on the roof of the 4-star Imperial Plus | Urban Smart Hotel on Egnatia street and serves coffee, premium drinks and excellent Greek finger deli.

Named after the resilient and enchanting Elaeagnus ebbingei bush, our rooftop bar offers more than just a stunning view—it’s an experience that will leave you spellbound. Perched atop the 4-star Imperial Plus | Urban Smart Hotel on Egnatia street, this hidden gem is a testament to the city’s allure. Whether you’re savoring a freshly brewed coffee, indulging in premium drinks, or delighting in exquisite Greek finger delicacies, every moment spent at our rooftop oasis is infused with a sense of magic and sophistication. Join us as we elevate your senses and redefine your expectations of urban indulgence amidst the vibrant energy of Thessaloniki.

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Minimal urban design

Its interior and exterior spaces are exquisitely designed, according to the standards of minimal urban design, to offer a unique experience, combining unique culinary delights, excellent service and an environment that has been cared for down to the last detail.

Menu for discerning palates

It is an ideal choice for coffee, aperitif, cocktail, a wine & platter evening, or even a special event, professional or not. Enjoy the premium varieties of wines and drinks, as well as the signature cocktails, accompanied by platters of fine appetizers.

A 360° view

The view you will enjoy at Eleagnos Rooftop | Sky Yard is the one that will make your experience unforgettable. Admiring all the sights of the city from above, you will understand why Thessaloniki is one of the most famous cities in the Balkans.

Imperial Plus | Imperial Hospitality | Thessaloniki
Imperial Hospitality | Thessaloniki
Roof Garden in Thessaloniki

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