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Thessaloniki Hotels and Venues hit different. Warm and generous, Thessaloniki is at the same time historic and avant-garde, ideal for a city break or stopover and a fascinating mix of holiday memories in northern Greece. Greece’s second city is unlike anywhere else in the country. Thessaloniki is both a sprawling urban centre and a cultural melting pot, where dreams, ideas, visions and trends percolate in an alternative, avant-garde scene.

Its history is written upon everything that surrounds you, with ancient monuments (Greek and Roman) found amongst buildings that tell the story of the city’s more recent Byzantine, Ottoman and Jewish influences. It has become one of Europe’s coolest city break destinations (welcoming flights to its international airport throughout the year) with a well-earned reputation for food and nightlife and a colourful arts & culture scene. Galleries and museums, international cinema and arts festivals, traditional tavernas, gourmet restaurants and street food as well as exhibition and conference centres… you’ll find it all. And above all, you’ll get a Thessaloniki-sized, warm-hearted welcome from the locals.

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Originally built as a centrally planned building on the axis of the monumental street connecting the triumphal arch of Galerius with the palace complex. There are varying opinions on its use, such as being a temple of Zeus or the Cabeiri, a building of a possibly devotional and secular-administrative character that served the needs of the palace complex, or a monument dedicated to the glory of Constantine the Great. The monument, with a diameter of 24.50m is covered by a bricked dome, reaching a height of 29.80m. The 6.30m-thick cylindrical wall internally inscribes eight rectangular niches, the south niches serving as the main entrance.

Archaeological Museum

After its temporary housing at Yeni Camii, the museum acquired a permanent home at the building designed by Patroklos Karantinos. An important representative of modernism, he was inspired by the introversion of the Greek home. The museum houses occasional and permanent exhibitions on the region of Macedonia from the prehistoric era to late antiquity.

Basilica of Aghios Dimitrios

Situated on the Aghiou Dimitriou Street, north of the ancient Agora and the Byzantine Megalophoros, built on the ruins of a Roman bath complex, this was where Demetrius, an officer in the Roman Army, was imprisoned and martyred in 303. A small private chapel was first built there.

Church of Aghia Sophia

This church, dedicated to Christ, the true Word and Wisdom of God, was built in the late 7th – early 8th century at the location of a large 5th century Early Christian Basilica. It is a typical example of a domed transitional cruciform church with ambulatory, in imitation of the Aghia Sophia in Istanbul. The mosaic decoration in its interior, a work of three stages, testifies to the high intellectual and artistic level of the city throughout the centuries.

Galerius’ Triumphal Arch

Constructed to commemorate the victory of Galerius over the Persians. Its intricate relief scenes depict battles and victories in that war, expressing the omnipotence and unity of the Tetrarchy leaders.

Roman Forum

An administrative centre of the Roman era that, in its excavated form, began being organised in the mid-2nd century AD. The entire complex was organised around a rectangular cobbled square. On its three sides, there were two-storey arcades, with a double colonnade of the Corinthian order, directly connected on its perimeter to public and private spaces.

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