Imperial Port | Wedding Venue in Thessaloniki

Imperial Port | Wedding Venue in Thessaloniki

Celebrate your Marriage Reception day in our

Wedding Venue

We love to create amazing experiences. To make your dreams of such a big day of getting married come true. Nestled on the Port of Thessaloniki, our event hospitality services are capable to host amazing wedding receptions in Thessaloniki, Greece. Discover our luxurious modern venue equipped with high-end amenities, tech support to offer endless options of event concepts, and a deluxe outdoor pool lounge area. Also included exceptional dining – catering services offering finely made gastronomy delights.

Elegant Pool Lounge Area

This is the diamond of the venue. Our pool lounge area can be a luxurious highlight of the concept, offering a magic feeling during every summer wedding. A very spacious and lavish swimming pool that is going to reflect your inspiration for the wedding decoration

Fine Catering Ideas

Gastronomy is the fruit of every wedding reception. Explore our exceptional catering services and offer your guests an amazing dining experience. We are able to create the menu of your preferences or propose to you wonderful ideas to impress everyone. Don’t forget to ask us for custom orders or specific diet preferences.

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